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transportation system 


transportation system



Our little ones in K1 have been developing a strong interest and curiosity in new things. As we explore the transdisciplinary theme "How we organize ourselves," we aim to create an enlightening, interactive learning environment. We hope to foster the innate curiosity of young children with interesting, dynamic learning spaces.



There are many types of transportation.(Form)


What do the wheels of a car do? By using wheels to paint pictures, the children observed the patterns in the tracks they left behind, allowing them to observe the differences for themselves.  The teachers guided the children to experiment with rolling the wheels in many directions, encouraging them to explore mysterious patterns and different possible effects.


The children were curious about the sky and the stars, and that curiosity sparked a wonderful idea.  We decided to go to space together by rocket! We would be able to see space! Look! We made a wonderful rocket together. We all shared responsibility for different parts of the project!



After taking a beautiful rocket to explore the fathomless void between the stars, the children learned that China's Chang'e-5 had successfully landed on the moon! There was a strong interest in the means of transport that could fly into space, and we wanted to be able to explore the universe on a space shuttle. The children used paper cups, colored paper and other materials to make a space shuttle of their own!



Transportation systems can be used in many different ways(Function)


After learning about various forms of transportation, we explored the role of different transportation systems. We explored Takeaway food and Express package delivery. The children role played as delivery drivers and couriers, transporting goods in different forms and exploring various modes of transportation in the city.


How are traffic signs connected to our daily lives? In order to allow the children to develop a deeper understanding of traffic rules, we decided to use role play to simulate real situations. We included roads, traffic lights, and a variety of traffic signs.




We use transportation to connect with our world.(Connection)


Jingle Bells, Jingle bells! We heard that Father Christmas has an enchanted sleigh, pulled by majestic reindeer with velvet antlers and flowing manes! A magical means of transport that can go to every child's home! The Reindeer must be able to run incredibly fast, and Father Christmas might like to use the sleighs we made. 


The Paw Patrol is in trouble and needs us to go to the rescue. Children divided into rescue teams, choosing an appropriate means of transportation to help the Paw Patrol out in different places. In the activities, children learned about a variety of vehicles that can be used to provide rescue services, such as fire trucks, ambulances, lifeboats and other means of transportation. 


Transportation systems connect the world. Our lives are inexorably connected with the transportation systems that we use every day. The children experienced this through participating in a collection of games. Not only did they have a chance to consolidate their knowledge of traffic rules, but they were also able to explore a variety of transportation systems in context. They choose different, appropriate means of Transportation between cities depending on the distance they would have to travel. When they arrived at their destination, they were able to immerse themselves in the character of each city. Which cities have we gone to? Let's take a look!  


The IB concepts we studied can help young children to make best use of their knowledge and experience. After integrating that knowledge into our activities, we hope the children will be able to apply their understandings of these concepts to real life. The transportation system unit is coming to an end. Let's look forward to the next Unit together!