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Jingle bells, jingle all the way... to Suzhou Victoria!

作者:wdly   时间:2020-12-25

Jingle bells, jingle bells,

jingle all the way…. 


 to Suzhou Victoria!


We are coming to the end of a year with many new changes, but Victoria has remained the same welcoming warm place we know and love. This week we celebrated the winter festival with our teachers. 


Santa came to talk with some of our English teachers who told us all about the celebrations in each grade. Come and see what we did! 


On the week commencing December 21st, the solstice of winter, K1 launched itself into a flurry of winter activities. The teachers had put a big effort into planning a “Winter Wonderland” experience for the whole school, and K1 was excited to break the ice on the first day. The plan was as solid as densely packed frost. But like the blazing summer sun, a new situation forced our teachers to adapt their plans. We went flowing back to our classrooms like melted-water, there to enjoy the winter activities hibernating in warmth and comfort.


We began with the task of painting winter. Students used their fingers to paint snow on the trees and the ground, creating images of wintertime. Some of us created snowflakes using a simple method, getting our fingers sticky with glue and using strips of white paper to create the snow. Some of us used cotton wool to create a big, white, fluffy beard for Father Christmas. We think that Santa’s beard is like fluffy snow and clouds. We are learning about textures and how different materials have different properties that can be fun to use in art and design!   


Some of us were able to find different ways to make trees, sticking together big pieces of colourful paper, exploring how different forms and colors can come together to represent different images. Some of us made beautiful paper chains. We used them to express the concept of connection, and by using teamwork to connect all our effort together, we created something that was very long and impressive! 


We dressed up in different costumes and sang songs of winter. Our voices carried out like the howling song of the North wind. We moved our arms, legs and bodies with the energy and passion of snow flurries!    

Merry Christmas




During this time of festive cheer our K2 grade level have been enjoying and participating in lots of winter holiday activities. These activities have blended both play based and inquiry based learning to create a wide variety of  fun, engaging and interactive learning experiences. The aim was to immerse the children in a festive environment in order for them to really experience and enjoy the winter holiday. The teachers worked hard to think of some fun activities that were appealing to a whole spectrum of different learners, being careful to engage children at their level whilst providing a meaningful learning experience.


Students decorated tree’s using a variety of different materials to create a winter scene with a beautiful image of a winter tree. They demonstrated great creativity and showed themselves to be reflective in their choice and expression of colours and artistic flair. The students made a festive Christmas ornament and tinsel that could be placed on a Christmas tree and to decorate their room. In this activity they showed great use of their fine motor skills and also demonstrated themselves to be good inquirers. Inquirers who used a wide variety of materials to make interactive art!

Children dressed up in their most festive outfits to get some fantastic Winter photos! They showed great spirit and risk-taking in their choice of outfits. They also communicated well amongst each other throughout this activity and also got a chance to practice their role-playing skills!



We studied the details of a snowflake and created our own through beautiful art. From snowflake art and capturing magic in a bottle to cutting cookies, our K3 children had a lot of creative fun during our winters holiday.     We went on a literacy journey with Teacher Mark and Teacher Leah, exploring winter stories and discovering characters like Santa and some snowmen. 


The theme of cookies was a big favourite this week! We studied the story of the gingerbread man, read a poem about our favourite cookies before we made our very own cookies in our classroom! We hoped they wouldn’t run away like the gingerbread man! Christmas eve was the best day! We had a FREEEEEZE dance party, face paints and a Christmas movie.Happy Holidays from K3! 


We have had a wonderful week celebrating the holiday spirit in K3 with our Teachers, Sarah and Wendy! The students have been very busy creating art, playing games, and completing hands-on activities! We began the week by creating a festive classroom environment. Students studied tree silhouettes and painted snowy winter scenes. They also made beautiful ornaments to decorate our classroom Christmas tree. Table groups worked together to build the tallest “gingerbread” house they could with noodles, clay, and a few wooden sticks. During this challenge, students had the opportunity to express their creativity. One group even made a dragon house! Throughout the week, we have learned a lot about The Gingerbread Man! Students have been making their own gingerbread man books, connecting their English and UOI work with a classic holiday story. Finally, we saved the best for last! On Christmas Eve, we made gingerbread cookies, had a festive dance party, and even captured magic in a bottle! Students shared lunch together at a long community table and enjoyed a special holiday meal with their friends.