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作者:wdly   时间:2020-11-07


Anti terrorism and anti riot: building a safe campus


On October 28, 2020, our kindergarten launched a "riot" safety theme activity in order to improve the anti-terrorism and anti-riot capabilities and awareness of the whole school as well as to improve the cooperation, response handling, self-protection and self-rescue ability of teachers and students during anti-riot emergency response.


First, the teachers discussed with the children in class "What behaviors are violent? What can we do when encountering violence?” Teachers encouraged children to think and explore ways to solve the problem. There was situational questioning: "What would you do if a bad person broke into the school?" Children discussed as a group and ideas included: find a teacher or security guard, run away and hide; some children thought of a way to escape - hide in a big box or hide behind the curtains. Finally, under the guidance of the teacher, the children watched related videos and increased their safety knowledge.


At this time, our kindergarten also carried out a campus-      wide anti-terrorism emergency drill in the afternoon.



Scenario : At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the "gangster" played by a volunteer forcibly broke into the the kindergarten grounds.

The guard on duty quickly blocked the gangster, another security guard immediately reported the incident to the principal, and at the same time pressed a one-button alarm to help his colleague stop the gangster.



Relevant personnel received the notice and used the radio to warn the whole kindergarten of  the danger: "A "gangster" broke into the kindergarten!”, and immediately activated the anti-riot emergency plan! They also immediately reported the incident to the public security department.

After hearing the alarm, the class teachers immediately directed the children to move to a hidden position in the classroom to hide and protect themselves. The teacher quickly turned off the lights, locked doors and windows, and guided the children to be quiet. This prevented the "gangsters" from breaking into the room and hurting young children. The public security department responded immediately and took away the "gangster" who broke into the campus and prepared to commit a crime.


At this time K2B and K2D were at the playground. Before the start of the safety drill, the teachers introduced children to the "role-play" activity - some children were still a little afraid and worried. They spoke with the teacher, who confirmed they would protect the. and stay by their side, and relaxed a lot. When the "gangster" rushed to the children playing on the playground with a stick, the teacher organized the children to evacuate quickly and avoid danger in a nearby room. Under the guidance of the teacher, K2B escaped to the infirmary closest to the play area, and the children from K2D escaped to the multi-function hall under the guidance of the teachers. Everyone quickly closed the doors and windows, drew the curtains, and turned off the lights. The children hid behind the curtains, under the tables and chairs, and behind the cabinets; and teachers guided them to stay quiet. When the danger was relieved, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, turning tension into excitement, and the children shared with each other how they felt when encountering danger, and how they protected themselves.


After the drill, all the security team members and teachers who participated in the drill summarized the anti-terrorism and anti-riot emergency drill. The public security team members of the community police squadron affirmed the meticulous organization and good results of the exercise, and made valuable suggestions. The principal also paid tribute to all the teachers participation, and praised them for the orderly, safe and fast exercise. At the same time, they sorted out and summarized the problems existing in the exercise. This anti-terrorism and anti-riot emergency drill not only tested the vigilance of the security guards in emergencies, but also clarified the division of responsibilities of personnel at various positions. At the same time, the ability of teachers and children to escape emergency improved, and the safety and precaution of the kindergarten became more effective.


To build a community of learners, we encourage parents to participate in "riot prevention" safety education for children: you can discuss places to hide with children at home, and conduct drills not to open doors to strangers.